Who we are

Zero Waste Living is an educational blog operated and lead by Volunteer for India's Founding Member Ritwika Verma with the help of some tremendous volunteers. This site is dedicated to generating awareness amongst Indian readers about personal choices that can lead a sustainable lifestyle. It also discusses public policies that could greatly benefit the environment both nationally and globally. Head onto our modules for insight into the Zero-Waste movement, sustainable living alternatives and deliberations on environmental issues.

Zero-Waste living is the need of the hour. With our planet covered in landfills, to our oceans full of plastic, understanding the importance of waste management and sustainability is imperative to our very existence on earth. With this in mind, a cohort of 5o environment loving volunteers lead by Volunteer For India's Founding Member Ritwika Verma, started an initiative to create a Zero-Waste Living module which can be a guiding light to one's zero-waste journey.

If you've ever wanted to take a step towards sustainability but found yourself to be overwhelmed with all the facts and guides on what to do, then this is the module for you! The Zero-Waste Living module offers various solutions and alternatives for leading a sustainable lifestyle. Moreover, it gives you a start by explaining the history and importance of being zero-waste in the 21st century. We also go into various sustainability advocacy issues to discuss their problems and possible solutions to global environmental evils. Thus, the module is a one-of-a-kind free access point for generating public awareness regarding sustainable living practices, especially in India.

In February 2020, Transformational Sports Inc. and Katradi, in partnership with the U.S. Consulate General, Chennai, brought together young leaders from across India who embody the spirit of service to become the founding members of Volunteer for India. The vision of Volunteer for India (VFI) is to build an inclusive network of volunteers with active civic participation who will develop a just and equal society with sustainable solutions across the country. Volunteer for India is focused on creating volunteer opportunities in schools and communities, building capacity to respond to problems at community-level through awareness, peer-to-peer training, and Train the Trainer models, incorporating results from needs assessments. It also aims to facilitate awareness of existing policies, participate in policy interventions and advocacy through partnerships with other organisations and governments, and research policy gaps .


Ritwika Verma

The Zero-Waste Living project is lead and operated by Ritwika Verma. She is a Founding Member and Head of Operations at Volunteer for India. A graduate of Public Administration and Economics, she has enjoys deliberating on environmental policies and their socio-economic impacts. However, Ritwika recognises that role of individuals in sustainability goes beyond deliberating on policies, with that in mind she attempts to lead a zero-waste lifestyle. This module is a direct reflection of her personal journey towards sustainability and plastic-free living. It aims to answer all the questions she she faced while attempting a zero waste lifestyle to make individuals feel in control of creating positive environmental impacts on a personal level. For Ritwika, the goal of this module is to answer sustainability questions through a free for all platform which can grow environmental sensitivity and awareness towards our nation as well as our planet.